Friday, August 29, 2008

A Response to All the Haters

A Response to All the Haters:

Thanks to my favorite beat writer, Peter Abraham, over at Lohud’s, this site has garnered some serious attention over the last ten hours or so. And this site has also garnered some serious HATE. So allow me to do my best to respond to all these haterade drinkers. This should be about as effective as trying to convince a room full of Bush-supporters that the War in Iraq was a bad decision, but here goes.

First off: calm. down. You may think I’m out of my mind for starting a blog aimed at getting A Rod off the Yankees, but some of these people who have been commenting are clearly missing the point. You see, there was a day, not so long ago, when a fan had nowhere to channel his frustration with his favorite team. There was a day when a fan had nowhere to go after watching “the best hitter in baseball” put up a golden sombrero, leave eight men on, or strike out on a pitch in the dirt to end the game. But thanks to the bustling online civilization known as “the blogosphere” those days no longer exist, my friends enemies. Today, we find ourselves in a new era, when a fan can form his own opinions and put them out there for anyone in the world to see, with the simple click of a few buttons. And after Tuesday’s debacle of a performance by A Rod, I decided to do just that. My opinion is that, despite all the gaudy numbers that A Rod is capable of providing, when all things are considered, I would rather not have him on the team. It’s as simple as that. That’s my opinion, I feel strongly about it, and rather than choosing to keep it to myself, I chose to share it with you. As for this being a waste of my time, I can do what I please with my time, and I’m having fun spending my time doing this, so thank you for your concern, but I am in no way “wasting my time”. You, on the other hand, may need to evaluate your own use of your time if you are using your life-minutes reading something that you so vehemently disagree with. Remember, those life-minutes don’t rollover once you die, so you may want to use them more strategically.

Secondly: Do I truly believe that by starting this blog, there is any chance in hell that I am starting a revolution that will someday, somehow culminate with A Rod’s removal from the Yankees organization??? Of course I do. That’s why I started it, dummies.

Third: Have I mentioned that I hate A Rod? He is without a doubt one of the best hitters to ever play this game, yet in the most crucial moments of individual games, in the most crucial of games, he is the absolute LAST player that I would ever want at the plate. If you are a true Yankee fan, is he the one you want up in that type of situation? Think about that for a second. Try to think about a time when the Yankees have been down 2 in the bottom of the 9th, with two men on and two outs, and you see A Rod stepping into the batter’s box, twisting his bat, chewing his gum with his signature “This is why I’m hot” playing over the loudspeaker at Yankees stadium. Think of that, and try to convince yourself that he is the person that you want up. Try to make the connection between Alex Rodriguez, one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game, and the Alex Rodriguez that is entering the game at that very moment, with the outcome on the line. Can you do that? I sure can’t.

Fourth: See that counter in the top right? By visiting this site, you have just added 1 to the number of people who support A Rod being off the Yankees. Notice I didn’t name this counter “site visitors”. So thank you for your support, please continue reading, and congratulations on being part of the revolution. You’ll thank me someday.


Dave Heinz said...

Not sure i agree with ya totally, yet, but can't deny the fact that a-rod hasn't had an rbi in the playoffs since '04. I'm not as dead set on 'get this guy outta here' as you are, but i do respect the site.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I didn't bother reading the entire post as it was very long, but what I read makes sense. I'm definitely frustrated with A-Rod right now, but no one in their right mind would want the A-Rod of 2007 off this team. The A-Rod of 2008 or 2006? Sure, who wants that guy, but A-Rod has shown us that he can be better. Yankee fans have short memories when it comes to their players. I can think of several clutch hits off the top of my head from '07. He has it in him, he's just not doing it right now.

Anonymous said...

Count me in. I am 56 years old and have been watching Yankee games since 1960. Alex Rodriquez is without question my least favorite Yankee in that entire period (and I include people like Mel Hall in that judgment). Watching this guy get take deeper and deeper breaths while his hands start trembling in big spots is enormously frustrating.

He did have a great 2007 (playoffs oh so predictably aside, of course), but that just suckered Hank, Hal and Brian into making the worst possible mistake they could have made, which was bidding against themselves and giving A-choke a 10 year contract when no other team would have come close to that.

Watching him spit the bit in a series the Yankees need if they had any chance to salvage the season is all the more frustrating and annoying because it is so predictable. Unfortunately he is not going anywhere, and I suspect that neither are the Yankees as long as he is here.

sharkattack said...

Didnt AROD homer in the 12th inning against the Twins a couple of weeks ago to win the game?

michael kei said...

Yup. He went 1-6 with that solo homer.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have the ammo necessary to dismiss your argument entirely so I think I shall simply say this.... You sir, are a fag. Feel free to waste your time accordingly.

Mr. Faded Glory said...

You're right, everyone gets an opinion. Yours is based on a lack of stats or proper baseball analysis and purely on "what you see" and emotions. Oh, my opinion?

You're a douchebag.

Jenny Leigh said...

You sir are absolutely out of your mind

Anonymous said...


It's A-Rod's fault the Yankees aren't winning enough games to make the playoffs. He made Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera have poor seasons. He made Derek "Captain Clutch" Jeter ground into double plays all season. He made Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy pitch poorly. He injured Chien Ming-Wang. He injured Jorge Posada too. He made Darrell Rasner pitch poorly. He even injured himself on purpose to try to hurt the team (and it did hurt the team, mind you).

Furthermore, his 79 RBI and 29 Homeruns were all merely tack on runs. They don't count. Ask the New York Post or the Daily News! The fact that his Value Over Replacement Player (VORP) is among the top ten (8) in Major League Baseball isn't good enough either. He should be number one! His pathetic .976 OPS is only third in the league. Third?! Somebody send this guy down.

TB said...

Yeah, that counter clicking in at 726 shows what power your idea is generating. [/sarcasm]

keith4004 said...

bitter people. keep up the good work!

Hubert & Marysol said...

i don't necessarily agree with you on getting rid of A-Rod, but I like the site. Props for trying, but the yankees want A-Rod to bring them the same attention Bonds got the Giants. Too much money in play (from companies outside the Yankee organization) so there is NO chance A-Rod is going anywhere. You have a better chance of seeing John Kruk steal a base, then A-Rod out of pinstripes.
That being said, i feel your angst! Good luck on your mission.

Rex Banner said...

It's comical that people get so riled up over someone's opinion. Get a life people.

As for the movement, I'm with you. All these MayRod lovers can't be watching Yankee games. My guess is they are "stat heads" who look at boxscores and think you can analyze a baseball game mearly on the numbers.
What these stathead fail to realize is that the object of baseball isn't to score as many runs as you can but rather to score at least 1 more than your opponent. When the game is out of hand, there isn't anyone I'd rather see up than him to tack on more. When it's close and the game is on the line, there are at least 6 guys on the Yanks I'd rather see.
I guess he can get a VORP in a big spot, but I'd rather see an RBI.

Josh Drimmer said...

the counter says plenty, insomuch as it assumes anyone who reads this poorly thought-out blog is actually supporting it. there's a genuine case to be made for putting the resources committed on a-rod into other players. you're not making it yet, and not really trying.

dougsfc97 said...

the people posting negative comments about your blog probably all ran to modell's and bought a #13 jersey after the yankees signed him. you and i are the kinds of fans who continue to sport our #23 jerseys at games and are hoping to ride out the a-rod fad and the fairweather fans it brought into our fold.

i am praying that arod will announce during this year's angels/cubs world series that he's opting out of his contract again. is that possible?

btw how do the arod-lovers like his performance in last night's tilt with the jays?