Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama Takes Stance Against A Rod

Bronx, New York (AP) - Sen. Barack Obama has taken a stance on healthcare, the economy, education, and the energy crisis. Now, he has taken a stance on another crisis: the A Rod Crisis. Speaking last night in a surprise visit to Yankee Stadium, just twenty-four hours after accepting his Democratic presidential nomination, Obama made clear to Yankees fans and the city of New York how he feels about A Rod.

"We are here because we love this team too much to let the next nine years look like the last four. It is time, fans, that we stand up and say 'four is enough'," he told the roaring crowd of nearly 56,000, who donned signs stating the simple need for "CHANGE".

In a speech that lasted just under thirty minutes, Obama touched upon A Rod's horrible abilities to perform in the clutch, his drainage of resources, and the absurdity of him occupying the most important spot in the batting order, where he doesn't have the emotional stamina to succeed.

Sen. Obama also took time to attack the Yankees' front office. "Now, I don't believe that the Steinbrenners and Cashman don't care what's going on in the lives of Yankees fans. I just think they don't know. Why else would they pay a man $300 million to consistently and evermore-predictably disappoint? How else could they justify spending that much on one individual, yet investing nothing in our most important asset: our farm system? How else could they let this man walk away, close the door in their face, then welcome him back with open arms? It's not because the Yankees front office doesn't care. It's because they don't get it."

Obama's speech was a landmark in the movement to get A Rod off the Yankees. With the support of such a powerful leader, the movement will head into the offseason with momentum, and may prove to be the defining moment in a movement that has been mostly grassroots-based to this point.

He concluded his speech by urging his supporters to have faith through such trying times. "Yankees fans, we cannot walk alone, and we cannot turn back. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. Without A Rod."

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