Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fun! Fact! of the day!

A Rod has 2 (two!) RBIs in the 8th and 9th innings this season! Combined! Fun! That's half as many as Wilson Betemit! Fun! That's 1 less than the number of strikeouts he had today! Fun! A Rod facts are fun!


Peter Lacock said...

You're too young to be wasting your time on this. Pickin on ARod and Madonna is not cool. All this hatin isn't cool either. You need to find a better way to use your energy. You're goin over to the dark side man!
Fact is ARod is a Yankee. He will be for at least 9 more years. He aint leavin. Get over it. If he stays healthy he will break the HR record as a Yankee. He's an excellent fielder. He might not be clutch (yet) but he's arguably the best all around player ever. Maybe he shouldn't bat cleanup but that's on the manager. He really is more of a #3. Moving him up one spot in the lineup likely would change everything but I doubt they'll ever make the change. In a few years someone will make more $$$ than him so he'll be a relative bargain.
The Yanks have always had well paid players. I suffered thru 65-75 with rarely a contender let alone a playoff team and when they did finally make it the Big Red Machine kicked the crap outta them. The 80's are the only decade in history that the Yanks didn't win a World Series. From 82-93 they were usually pretty good but never good enough, much like this year, and your complaining? One year in over a decade with no playoff and you want to get rid of the best player on the team? Mattingly was great but never sniffed the playoffs. He played with Winfield, Baylor and Rickey Henderson but they never had enough pitching to be a real contender, much like this year. ARod is not the problem. No one is clutch this year except maybe Abreu and I suppose you want him to stay forever, right? Look, it's real simple, they took a chance on the young guys and Wang and Posada missed the last 1/2+ of the season. Not enough pitching to be a real contender. Get it?
I never got down on one of my players, never booed them, when they failed, unless the weren't trying, if they didn't hustle. They are all humans trying their best. Calling people names, making fun of someone, especially a lady, is immature. Booing him or any Yankee is not helping them win. Your crusade will get you nowhere and it's not funny. Maybe you should pick a new team.

Doug Roberts said...
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dougsfc97 said...

i am right with you brother. if i were inclined to start a blog, i would have done so myself after the game tues night. like you, it had been my first game in a while. i have been one to defend arod because of the numbers, blah blah blah, and i have assumed that now that he has his deal, the pressure's off, etc., that he'd stop sh*tting the bed because the mental obstacles that destroy his feeble mind would be removed.

then i saw these splits before the angels series:

Bases empty: .354/.411/.697 with 17 HR
Runners on: .276/.392/.477 with 8 HR
Runners in scoring position: .238/.399/.400 with 4 HR

i watched him leave the allstar game several hours early while his teammates watched every inning, cheering on their teammates. he was apparently at some club downtown.

then i watched him smile and go about his business the last few weeks without a care in the world while the team played itself out of contention.

then i watched tuesday night's game.

it's time the yankees truly took action to "buy themselves a championship" as the yankee haters like to say: trade arod, pay his salary to screw up another team, and get prospects and decent corner IFs in return.

jay destro said...

grow up.

Greg said...

How does it feel to be absolutely clueless?

John said...

don't listen to the hater's...only the Arod haters. Keep hating on Arod, cause he deserves it and more.

jon w said...

Let's face it.
As long as aplod is a Yankee, the chances of the team playing in the world series is not very good.

Never being a fan of the "greatest baseball player of all time", I was not happy about the Yankees signing him the first time and down right disgusted when they re-signed him after he opted out.

Every team he has been with, if they made it into the playoffs, has tanked.
Is it aplods fault? Maybe not.

One could also point to the fact that the team has not won the series since Giambe was signed.

I am resigned to teh fact that as long as aplod is with the team, the world series is out of our grasp.

He will amaze us with some of his hitting, most of which will come off relief pitchers and with the outcome of the game already decided.

He will probably break bonds home run record. More of a personal goal than a team achivement.

Most important, is the effect he will have on the players coming up.
His influence seems to have already made its impact on players like Canu and Melky.
I imagine that it's natural that they look towards him instead of Derek. Aplod gets the press and the huge bucks.

There are some who say that the Yankees can still make the playoffs. I doubt it, but I will root for them and hope that arod doesn't make like the captian of the titanic and take the team down with him.