Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun! Fact! of the day! Labor Day addition!

In honor of the three-day Labor Day Weekend, I'm providing three! fun! A rod facts!

Fun! Fact! #1! According to Elias Sports Bureau (via Pete Abraham) , A Rod grounded into more double plays in August than any other Yankee has grounded into in one month! Ever! 11 double plays! Fun!

Fun! Fact! #2! Using a statistic called Win Probability Award, A Rod ranks as the 158th clutchest player, out of 158 eligible players! Statistically (since I know how much A Rod-supporters love statistics!), he is having the 20th worst clutch season in baseball since 1974! Fun!

Fun! Fact! #3! This past Friday, A Rod didn't allow enough time to get to the stadium! And he got stuck in traffic on his way to the game! And boy, was he surprised how much traffic there was! So he did what anyone would do if they were late for work, and had a police officer escort him to the game! Those are your hard-earned tax dollars paying for A Rod's ride to the stadium! Fun!

A Rod facts are fun! And three A Rod facts are more fun than one!


michael kei said...

That 3rd one was pretty funny... Wonder who his "friend" was?

dougsfc97 said...

i enjoyed his homer last night when the game was already pretty well in-hand.

though let's give credit where credit is due. he didn't strike out with jeter on 3b and less than 2 out.

still, let's get rid of him. jose molina is our best situational hitter! we need a couple more of him. just like...gasp!...all the world series winning teams had 1996-2000? nah, that would be crazy.

drpaulehrlich said...

Eric, what fun. I never liked AROD. He's no Jeter. I'm sorry the Yanks are out of it this year. You and Jer probably can't remember when the Yanks weren't in the playoffs.
I'm switching my interests to Obama. He's got a lot better chance to succeed than ARod.